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Chair Massage Therapy at Work

Creating a happier, healthier workforce

Massage at work is simply the introduction of fully clothed chair massages for employees in the workplace.  Employees just pop along to a meeting room and sit in a professional massage chair that is brought along to the workplace.
Each massage can be between 10 and 30 minutes at a time. This includes work on the back, head, neck, shoulders, wrists and hands.
Research has shown that employees who are stressed at work make more errors and take longer to finish tasks. The chair massage provided gives them a short break in their day to de-stress, reduce anxiety levels, relieve headaches and address tension from postural issues. Providing these benefits for staff helps promote relaxation, wellness and reduces sickness.
The amount of pressure used is totally up to the staff. There are no oils and techniques target pressure points that release muscular tension & stress whilst energising the person to return to work feeling appreciated, happy, relaxed and invigorated (not forgetting more productive). It's a great way for staff to receive a massage at work to improve their health and morale.
As the massages are shorter than 30 minutes staff will be ready and able to get back on with their work with clearer, better focus and more creativity. They'll also feel appreciated by the company so their attitude will be much better too.

The workplace is an environment where the majority of the population spends a considerable amount of time each week. Being able to improve workplace conditions and the health of the employee just makes sense and furthermore the effects of massage therapy in the workplace translate into greater long term physical, mental, and financial benefits for everyone.

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