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Does the world of healthy eating and good nutrition seem confusing and overwhelming? So much conflicting advice can sometimes make it hard to figure out just what we should be doing to keep our bodies packed with the nutrients we need. Lack of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can lead to many imbalances within our body resulting in weight gain, weight loss, lack of energy, fatigue, sleep disturbances, digestive disorders, re-occurring infections as well as an increased risk of numerous health problems. Nutritional Therapy can help in all of these areas and combines nutrition science and lifestyle advice for the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care.
Your initial online consultation includes an in-depth analysis using a health questionnaire, a 3 day food diary and a 90-minute consultation.  We will then prepare a Personalised Health Optimisation Plan that fits with your lifestyle, budget and your food likes and dislikes, based on your personal health history and analysis of your diet and lifestyle. Where appropriate, health screening tests and/or nutritional supplements may be recommended. This unique and holistic approach to healthcare allows you the time and space to discuss your personal experiences and health concerns, and could be the key to providing you with the information to make beneficial changes in your life to help improve your wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally.

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